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Curiosity. Play. Discovery. Joy.

Our Pre-K program is a lesson in exploration every day. Our youngest students learn best through intentional play-based learning that gives them time to explore, discover, and learn while fostering essential foundational skills.

Teachers leave an indelible impression on the history of these students as they nurture curiosity, confidence, and a love of learning that will last a lifetime.


We know that true learning happens only when children feel safe and loved. This social-emotional philosophy is the heart of our school and is woven into the fabric of every academic and life skill learned in Pre-K. Students forge the foundation of our academic program in Pre-K through play-based activities that encourage independence, grit, stamina, love of their faith, and kindness toward others.


Our play-based academic program gives students the opportunity to hone their skills in a joyful, creative manner. We believe that children learn best through meaningful play experiences that develop social skills, build literacy success and oral language, and encourage imagination. Play also teaches sharing and empathy, focuses on motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving.


Many of our youngest students come to us as digital natives already familiar with technology. We recognize the value of technology to enhance education when introduced at appropriate intervals. Through the integration of SMART boards in every classroom, a weekly trip to the computer lab, and an introduction to the early world of coding in STEM, students sharpen their computer skills and begin to understand technology’s place in education in a safe and developmentally sound way.

Day in the Life

Pre-K students are on campus for a full day of school from 7:55 a.m.-2:40 p.m., with Aftercare available until 6 p.m. Students are placed in self-contained classrooms with a teacher and full-time assistant in each. Core lesson times are flexible and allow time for the instruction to flow naturally based on student engagement. Classes last approximately 44 minutes. 

“So many years later, the whole Pre-K experience came back to us in full color. The fact that 10 years later, my son’s teacher took the time to remember him in such a personal way meant so much to him– and to us. We laughed at the pictures she sent (I cried remembering that little boy!) and reminisced about all the things he learned at the start of his CKS journey. I think what struck me most was that this cherished teacher reminded my child that he is loved by this community. That sums up CKS to me – just irreplaceable.”  CKS parent whose 8th grader received a letter from his Pre-K teacher after graduation