Dynamic Leaps. Enthusiastic Learners.

The transformative years of Kindergarten through 2nd grade usher in a new sense of wonder, learning and joy. As students embark on a journey of discovery, their teachers guide them to greater confidence through “learning by doing” and emphasize the critical thinking skills required for future success.

Kindergarten teacher and students

“I have always known that my children were in the best hands at CKS, and five years later, this place continues to amaze us! The teachers are incredible, the sense of family is undeniable and it even extends beyond the classroom. Imagine my surprise one Saturday morning when I looked up to see my daughter's teacher cheering her on during her softball game. To me, this exemplifies how CKS is not just a school–it is a family! And it's a family that I could never imagine raising my kids without.” Mother of a CKS 1st and 3rd grader