Confident Problem Solvers. Critical Thinkers. Prepared for the Future.

Sixth through 8th grade classrooms at CKS are fast-paced, dynamic laboratories of learning. The transition between elementary and high school requires a completely new mindset–the ability to accept more responsibility, face greater expectations and take on new challenges. The opportunity to engage students at these transformative ages in a safe, nurturing environment is crucial to their future success and to prepare them for the next step in their journey.

6th grade science teacher with students conducting an experiment


Digging deeper into our rigorous curriculum, you can find our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students marveling at their discoveries in science, creating new ways to show what they know through technology, thinking critically about how to solve algebra problems and engaging thoughtfully in the community service that is a staple of a CKS education. Our 1:1 digital technology program gives our middle school students access to online text books and digital enhancements in all subject areas. The “house system” further personalizes the CKS experience by grouping 6th–8th graders in teams to form bonds, compete and interact, creating a middle school community that encourages teamwork, friendship, cooperation and fun.


CKS offers students an opportunity to explore personal interests and future goals by exposing them to several co-curricular options outside of their classes, including: 

  • Art
  • Music
  • STEM
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish
  • Computer lab
  • Guidance program
  • Language Arts lab
  • Accelerated Math option

Technology & Innovation

Our students come to us as digital natives and many are already adept in the technological world. The 1:1 digital technology program gives our middle school students Microsoft Surface Pros that they use throughout their middle school experience. The platform offers them an opportunity for group projects, gives access to textbooks and offers several digital enhancements in the curriculum. Through the integration of SMART boards in every classroom, iPad carts and the computer lab, students sharpen their computer skills and understand technology’s place in education.

STEM challenges students to think outside the box, problem solve and sharpen their critical thinking skills. Digital citizenship starts the process so that students have a respect and understanding for the wonder and potential pitfalls of the digital world. Then, middle school students experience 3D printer technology, plan, create and compete using Vex Robotics inventions, engineer habitats using CAD programs and go beyond the basics in coding.

“What I found to be truly special was the gesture of kindness, respect and love the 8th graders showed for the younger students. It is reflective of the type of culture you find within the walls of Christ the King Catholic School.” Kindergarten parent's thoughts on the CKS 8th/Kindergarten buddy program