Work Hard. Pray Hard. Play Hard.

Look no further than 3rd through 5th grade to get a sense of real connections. Synapses are firing at full power at this age as students tackle powerhouse skills that further build the foundation for the upcoming middle school years. Active learning, continuous participation and joyful optimism permeates these classrooms and sets the stage for real understanding.

4th grade teacher with students working at a desk


Our teachers take 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students on a journey – literally! 3rd grade powers through multiplication tables with a race to the top, becomes city planners during their Paper Bag Town unit and tackle the concepts of economics with s’mores! 4th grade creates a wax museum to present famous Floridians and takes a week-long exploration of the wonders of Florida. 5th grade explores fractions through baking, the wonders of the solar system and time travels to the 1700s to participate in the Boston Tea Party and better understand America’s history.


The CKS co-curricular programs offer students an opportunity to dig deeper into personal interests and future goals. Students participate in several classes that enhance their core curriculum including:

  • Art
  • Music
  • STEM
  • Library
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish
  • Computer lab
  • Guidance program

Technology & Innovation

Our students come to us as digital natives and many are already adept in the technological world. Through the integration of SMART boards in every classroom, iPad carts and the computer lab, students sharpen their computer skills and understand technology’s place in education.

STEM challenges students to think outside the box, problem solve and sharpen their critical thinking skills. Digital citizenship starts the process so that students have a respect and understanding for the wonder and potential pitfalls of the digital world. Then, these creative brains come alive for Lego Robotics, invention stations, solar ovens, dinosaur habitats, snap circuits and coding. This hands-on adventure in exploration, discovery and innovation brings our STEM lab to life while connecting it to the lessons students­ are learning in their core classes.

“I’m sure it’s easy for teachers to celebrate straight A students, but it takes a special teacher to acknowledge and celebrate what may not show up on a report card, such as working hard and being kind. These teachers came in and built my child up. They had supportive conversations with her that didn’t only focus on grades but on her overall success. It 100% changed the way my daughter looked at herself and how she felt about school.”  Parent of a CKS 5th grader