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Grades 2-5

Work Hard. Pray Hard. Play Hard.

Look no further than 2nd through 5th grade to get a sense of real connections. Synapses are firing at full power at this age as students tackle powerhouse skills that further build the foundation for the upcoming middle school years. Active learning, continuous participation, and joyful optimism permeates these classrooms and sets the stage for real understanding.


Our teachers take 2nd through 5th grade students on a journey! 2nd grade receives important sacramental preparation and hoops their way through “March Math Madness.” 3rd Grade powers through multiplication tables and tests their paper airplane designs to better understand aerodynamics. 4th grade finds creative ways to explain rock formation and the phases of the moon using food and takes a week-long exploration of the wonders of Florida. 5th grade bakes the ultimate chocolate chip cookies using their fraction knowledge and time travels to the Boston Tea Party to play a part in America’s history.


CKS recognizes the important role that technology plays in education. Through the integration of SMART boards and practice time in the computer lab, students sharpen their computer skills and understand technology’s place in education. STEM adds another layer of developmentally appropriate technology with an introduction to different coding platforms. Our 1:1 program begins in 5th grade to prepare students for their own device in middle school.

Day in the Life

2nd through 5th grade students are on campus for a full day of school from 7:55 a.m.-3 p.m., with Aftercare available until 6 p.m. Students switch classes in 2nd-5th grade, with one lead teacher teaching Math, Science, and Religion and the other teaching Reading, Writing, and Social Studies. Each class also has a teaching assistant. Classes last approximately 44 minutes. 

“I’m sure it’s easy for teachers to celebrate straight A students, but it takes a special teacher to acknowledge and celebrate what may not show up on a report card, such as working hard and being kind. These teachers came in and built my child up. They had supportive conversations with her that didn’t only focus on grades but on her overall success. It 100% changed the way my daughter looked at herself and how she felt about school. ”  Parent of a CKS 5th grader