Curiosity. Play. Discovery. Joy.

Our EC4 program is a lesson in exploration every day. We know that our youngest students learn best through play-based learning that gives them time to explore, discover and learn. Teachers leave a lasting mark on the history of these students as they nurture curiosity, confidence and motivation to love others, love learning and learn skills that will last a lifetime.

“So many years later, the whole EC4 experience came back to us in full color. The fact that 10 years later, my son’s teacher took the time to remember him in such a personal way meant so much to him– and to us. We laughed at the pictures she sent (I cried remembering that little boy!) and reminisced about all the things he learned at the start of his CKS journey. I think what struck me most was that this cherished teacher reminded my child that he is loved by this community. That sums up CKS to me – just irreplaceable.”  CKS parent whose 8th grader received a letter from his EC4 teacher after graduation