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Why We Teach Our Kids to Give

November 13, 2017
By Nick Tanis

While Thanksgiving and Christmas typically herald food drives and donations to those less fortunate, the hurricane season initiated an early giving season this year. The act of giving and service play an important role at CKS. We continue to try to instill these life lessons in our students because by teaching our students to give, we are teaching them that there is something more important than themselves.

I want to take a moment to look back on something our school community did a few weeks ago during our Be Like Bosco week. All of our students were impacted by hurricane season this year as they either hunkered down or high-tailed it out of town with their families in advance of Hurricane Irma. It made the pictures and news that came out of Puerto Rico during the next hurricane much more relevant to them.

CKS parents Griff and Mary Margaret Braddock can tell you some stories about Puerto Rico. Griff’s company, Braddock Metallurgical, has a plant in Puerto Rico – and his brother’s family lives there. They, like several of our school families, shared stories about the great need for supplies in PR. So, when the Braddocks offered shipping for CKS supplies to Puerto Rico, CKS families jumped at the chance and gave generously.

To give you a true sense of where our donations went, the picture below speaks volumes. Utuado, Puerto Rico, or as the town nicknamed itself after Hurricane Maria, Campamento de los Olvidados – Camp of the Forgotten – has been in the news on a regular basis. The town is not currently accessible by vehicle because the bridge was wiped out when flood waters surged. Supplies can only reach these communities by climbing the ladders atop a debris pile at the base of the bridge or on a shopping cart attached to a pulley and “ziplining” across the sections of the bridge. The picture was taken as some of the CKS supplies were being loaded in the cart for a trip across the bridge.

Your donations also helped families in several different towns, assisted many families flooded out of their homes and were even sent to a home for abused children.

Thank you for your generosity to Puerto Rico and to this week’s food drive for St. Vincent de Paul. These small but powerful examples of how far our kindness extends to others reminds our children why it is so important to give.