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Guiding our students on a journey of a lifetime.

The outstanding faculty and staff at CKS set the standard of excellence that has been a tradition for over 65 years.  Proven, creative curriculum in tandem with a commitment to the faith and character development of each child results in an environment where children develop a love of learning.
  Name Title
Catherine Ahwash Ahwash, Catherine 1A Assistant
Jessica Anderson Anderson, Jessica 5B (Math/Sci/Rel)
Caroline Blydenburgh Blydenburgh, Caroline EC4A Assistant
Sarah Boyd Boyd, Sarah KA - Teacher
Marion Browy Browy, Marion 3B Assistant
Tracey Burns Burns, Tracey 7th/8th SS
Ali Campbell Campbell, Ali Admissions & Advancement Assistant Director
Paula Cardillo Cardillo, Paula 7A (7th Math/Rel)
Suzanne Cardillo Cardillo, Suzanne 2A Assistant
Natalie Clarie Clarie, Natalie 3A (Math/Sci/Rel)
Sarah Clark Clark, Sarah 4B (LA/R/SS)
Charlene Cleary Cleary, Charlene 1A Assistant
Barbara Cohen Cohen, Barbara EC4B - Teacher
Maria Cooney Cooney, Maria stay at home mom
Porter Cusmano Cusmano, Porter STEM (5th - 8th)
Betty Eves Eves, Betty 1A - Teacher
Charlotte Fogarty Fogarty, Charlotte KB - Teacher
Theresa Franks Franks, Theresa 6th-8th Assistant
Kay Gendron Gendron, Kay 4A (Math/Sci/Rel)
Isabel Glenn Glenn, Isabel Spanish (EC4-5th)
Taylor Goins Goins, Taylor 6th Grade
Sherry Hales Hales, Sherry 5A (LA/R/SS)
Paula Hickinbotham Hickinbotham, Paula 3A Assistant
Paula Jones Jones, Paula 6A (LA/R)
Cory Kosiba Kosiba, Cory Boys Physical Education
Nancy Kroll Kroll, Nancy Girls Physical Education
Elizabeth Lambert - Oswald Lambert - Oswald, Elizabeth 8th Math
Carol Laratta Laratta, Carol Cafeteria Manager
Janyll Lavandeira Lavandeira, Janyll EC4A - Teacher
Kelly Lefler Lefler, Kelly Computer Technology
Stefanie Lowrey Lowrey, Stefanie Assistant Principal
Mariafe Luttrell Luttrell, Mariafe KA Assistant
Lorena Massari Massari, Lorena 5th-8th Assistant
Suzanne Meade Meade, Suzanne 6B (Math/Sci)
Maureen Metz Metz, Maureen Elementary School Counselor
Caitlin Moroney Moroney, Caitlin 3B (LA/R/SS)
Shannon Mysak Mysak, Shannon 2B (Math/Sci/Rel)
Elizabeth Nelson Nelson, Elizabeth Music Teacher
Danielle Nesmith Nesmith, Danielle
Kathleen Nesmith Nesmith, Kathleen Administrative Assistant
Heidi Olive Olive, Heidi Reading Specialist (K-4th)
Denise Pantelis Pantelis, Denise 1B - Teacher
Karin Parman Parman, Karin 2A Assistant
Tara Payor Payor, Tara 8A (8th LA/Read)
Julie Pederson Pederson, Julie Instructional Coach
Wendi Pena Pena, Wendi Director of Stewardship/Development
Cathy Pombar Pombar, Cathy KB Assistant
Julie Ravelo Ravelo, Julie School Nurse
Sarah Robinson Robinson, Sarah 4B Assistant
Cathy-Lee Rouse Rouse, Cathy-Lee Office Administrator
Elizabeth Salazar Salazar, Elizabeth EC4B Assistant
Annette Slavik Slavik, Annette STEM (EC4-4th)
John Slavik Slavik, John IT Director
Nicholas Tanis Tanis, Nicholas Principal
Test Tester Tester, Test
Victoria Thaxton Thaxton, Victoria 7B (7th LA/Read)
Lexi Tolbert Tolbert, Lexi Middle School Counselor
Dorothy Vinson Vinson, Dorothy EC4B Assistant
Diane Vivian Vivian, Diane 8B (7th/8th Sci)
Cynthia Ware Ware, Cynthia Media Assistant
John Waters Waters, John 6th (SS/Rel)
Connie Weathers Weathers, Connie 2A (LA/R/SS)
Monica Weiss Weiss, Monica 8th Rel/Campus Ministry
Danielle Welsh Welsh, Danielle Admissions & Advancement Director
Jennifer Wilson Wilson, Jennifer Art