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Guiding our students on a journey of a lifetime.

The outstanding faculty and staff at CKS set the standard of excellence that has been a tradition for over 65 years.  Proven, creative curriculum in tandem with a commitment to the faith and character development of each child results in an environment where children develop a love of learning.
  Name Title
Catherine Ahwash Ahwash, Catherine 3A Assistant
Jessica Anderson Anderson, Jessica 5B (Math/Sci/Rel)
Sara Barrick Barrick, Sara 7B (7th/8th SS)
Caroline Blydenburgh Blydenburgh, Caroline EC4A Assistant
Sarah Boyd Boyd, Sarah KA - Teacher
Marion Browy Browy, Marion 3B Assistant
Ali Campbell Campbell, Ali Admissions & Advancement Assistant Director
Paula Cardillo Cardillo, Paula 1B - Teacher
Suzanne Cardillo Cardillo, Suzanne 2A Assistant
Andrea Casper Casper, Andrea 8A (7th/8th LA)
Sarah Clark Clark, Sarah 4B (LA/R/SS)
Charlene Cleary Cleary, Charlene EC4B Assistant
Barbara Cohen Cohen, Barbara EC4B - Teacher
Porter Cusmano Cusmano, Porter STEM (5th - 8th)
Betty Eves Eves, Betty 1A - Teacher
Charlotte Fogarty Fogarty, Charlotte KB - Teacher
Sharone Fogarty Fogarty, Sharone 1B Assistant
Theresa Franks Franks, Theresa 5th-8th Assistant
Kay Gendron Gendron, Kay 4A (Math/Sci/Rel)
Isabel Glenn Glenn, Isabel Spanish (EC4-6th)
Sherry Hales Hales, Sherry 5A (LA/R/SS)
Paula Hickinbotham Hickinbotham, Paula 4A Assistant
Paula Jones Jones, Paula 6A (LA/R)
Cory Kosiba Kosiba, Cory Boys Physical Education
Nancy Kroll Kroll, Nancy Girls Physical Education
Stacy Kynes Kynes, Stacy 7th Math/Campus Ministry
Elizabeth Lambert - Oswald Lambert - Oswald, Elizabeth 8th Math
Carol Laratta Laratta, Carol Cafeteria Manager
Janyll Lavandeira Lavandeira, Janyll EC4A - Teacher
Kelly Lefler Lefler, Kelly Computer Technology
Amanda LeFloch LeFloch, Amanda Music Teacher
Stefanie Lowrey Lowrey, Stefanie Assistant Principal
Mariafe Luttrell Luttrell, Mariafe KA Assistant
Suzanne Meade Meade, Suzanne 6B (Math/Sci)
Maureen Metz Metz, Maureen Elementary School Counselor
Caitlin Moroney Moroney, Caitlin 3B (LA/R/SS)
Shannon Mysak Mysak, Shannon 2B Assistant
Kathleen Nesmith Nesmith, Kathleen Administrative Assistant
Diana O'Neill O'Neill, Diana 7th/8th Religion
Heidi Olive Olive, Heidi Reading Specialist (K-4th)
Lori Ossi Ossi, Lori Nurse
Karin Parman Parman, Karin 2A Assistant
Tara Payor Payor, Tara 8A (7th/8th LA)
Julie Pederson Pederson, Julie Instructional Coach
Wendi Pena Pena, Wendi Director of Stewardship/Development
Cathy Pombar Pombar, Cathy KB Assistant
Margaret Riley Riley, Margaret 1A Assistant
Sarah Robinson Robinson, Sarah 4B Assistant
Cathy-Lee Rouse Rouse, Cathy-Lee Office Administrator
Elizabeth Salazar Salazar, Elizabeth 1B Assistant
Annette Slavik Slavik, Annette STEM (EC4-4th)
John Slavik Slavik, John IT Director
Nicholas Tanis Tanis, Nicholas Principal
Victoria Thaxton Thaxton, Victoria Language Arts Teacher
Lexi Tolbert Tolbert, Lexi Middle School Counselor
Dorothy Vinson Vinson, Dorothy EC4B Assistant
Diane Vivian Vivian, Diane 8B (7th/8th Sci)
Cynthia Ware Ware, Cynthia Media Assistant
John Waters Waters, John 6th (SS/Rel)
Connie Weathers Weathers, Connie 2A (LA/R/SS)
Monica Weiss Weiss, Monica 2B (Math/Sci/Rel)
Danielle Welsh Welsh, Danielle Admissions & Advancement Director
Jennifer Wilson Wilson, Jennifer Art
Cornelia Yarnold Yarnold, Cornelia 3A (Math/Sci/Rel)